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Conference on the Future of Manufacturing in Europe

The organisers of the MANUFUTURE 2013 Conference would like to thank all participants, speakers and contributors.

The 9th conference of the European Technology Platform on Future Manufacturing Technologies (ETP ManuFuture) was held on 6-8 October 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The MANUFUTURE 2013 conference brought together more than 500 experts and key stakeholders representing industry, universities, research institutions and government from 40 countries across Europe and around the world to assess the success of research, development and innovation under the European Union’s (EU) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and to prepare for the implementation of the ambitious Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, the support of which is vital for the sectors that they represent.

The MANUFUTURE 2013 VILNIUS DECLARATION was confirmed by the participants of the Conference.

The forum was a part of the official programme of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU, and was organised as a key event of the M-Future2013 Project, which is funded by the EU FP7 Programme for Research and Technological Development, within the framework of the "Cooperation" specific programme.

The MANUFUTURE 2013 Conference programme committee and local organisers would like to thank all participants for their contribution.

On behalf of the organisers,
Dr. Massimo Mattucci, Chair of the Conference IAC Committee
Dr. Henrikas Mykolaitis, Chair of the Conference Organising Committee


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